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Reliable & Professional Agricultural Repairs and Maintenance Service Throughout the UK

With over a fifth of the country’s vegetable crops, grains and sugar beet being produced across Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire, it is therefore essential that farmers receive a prompt, reliable and professional service when it’s needed to ensure their businesses continue to function throughout the year. Buying agricultural machinery is a long-term investment for every farmer and we intend to help you make the most of it with our repairs and maintenance services.

Maintenance on a Full Range of Equipment

M-Tec Engineering works in partnership with farms of varying sizes, having the ability to maintain a full range of equipment including tractors, combines, square balers, and implements such as ploughs and drills. We aim to keep those precious machines as efficient as possible thanks to our preventive maintenance care plan:

  • Checking the good condition all tires, wheels, and batteries.
  • Verifying the right amount of engine’s oil, coolant, and others fluids.
  • Replacing filters when necessary.
  • Making sure all signaling lights are working as intended on the agricultural machinery

Services Offered

  • Servicing: Regular servicing in line with the make and model of each piece of machinery ensures the best start to the season. We follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to ensure that the vehicles operate in the safest manner.
  • Repairs: Undertaken on a wide range of machinery such as tractors, cultivators, subsoilers, farm trucks, round baler, etc.
  • Air conditioning repairs and recharging: Qualified to undertake refrigeration requirements to make sure your agricultural vehicles offers a good standard of working conditions for the operator.

We work with the following:

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